Alex Scott had the very best response to Joey Barton’s sexist rants about women in football

You might already be aware of the series of sexist tweets sent by former Footballer Joey Barton telling anyone that would listen – don’t feel compelled, obviously – that women football pundits were ruining TV coverage of the game.

To (briefly) recap, Barton said women ‘shouldn’t be talking with any kind of authority’, suggesting it was like him ‘talking about knitting or netball’.

Barton – nearly done, honest – said ‘you cannot watch a game now without hearing the nonsense’; and that ‘any man who says otherwise is an absolute fart parcel’.

And here’s what he had to say to anyone who suggested he was being sexist.


And we mention it not to inflict any more Barton on you but because of this pitch perfect response by the fabulous former Arsenal and England footballer Alex Scott.

Here’s what she said at the conclusion of the BBC’s coverage of the WSL match between Arsenal and Chelsea on Sunday (watched by a WSL-record crowd of 59,042) in a clip that has since gone wildly viral.

Player of the match stuff!

Absolute class.

Source @ChrisChohan