Jonathan Gullis accused Gary Lineker of breaking BBC rules over Rwanda and the MotD man’s response was championship-winning stuff

Gary Lineker was among a whole host of familiar names who have signed an open letter calling on Rishi Sunak to scrap his Rwanda scheme.

The letter, which was signed by figures as varied as Succession star Brian Cox, former head of the British Army Richard Dannatt and women’s rights campaigner Helen Pankhurst, called for a ‘fair new plan for refugees’.

Here’s what Lineker had to say.

‘We need a new system that reflects the will of the British people who have opened their homes, donated and volunteered in their local communities.

‘That’s why I’m backing this new campaign, because fair really can begin here.’

And that went down just as well with the Daily Mail as you’d expect.

Here’s what Lineker had to say about that (and in the unlikely event you don’t know what he’s referring to, click here).

But that’s not why we’re here.

We’re here because it caught the eye of the rarely less than over-excited Conservative MP Jonathan Gullis – you remember – who said Lineker was guilty of ‘yet another’ breach of the BBC’s recently revised impartiality rules.

And Lineker’s response was proper man of the match stuff.

Back of the net!

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