Classic three-word takedown goes viral all over again and it’s a proper hall of famer

This is not exactly a recent contribution to the debate about the low wage economy and neither is it a particularly valuable one either.

But we mention it because of the three-word takedown which has just gone viral all over again because it’s a model of minimal perfection.

It’s conservative political commentator Matt Walsh and was shared by Redditor who said: ‘Three words.’


And here are three of our favourite responses from people who have been enjoying it (and getting angry) this time round.

‘People say stuff like this then get mad when the line at McDonald’s takes too long.’

‘WTF is wrong with people. Working at fastfood, grocery stores or any other minimum wage job sucks and no, not everyone can do them without absolutely rage quitting. The people you have to cater to can be rude, abusive and downright unreasonable… sometimes even violent. It’s fast paced, high stress and low paying. It’s terrible.’

‘The world is split between people who have/are doing retail and hospitality and know how mind breaking it is and those that have never done it and think it’s incredibly easy.’


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Source Reddit u/treny0000