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This house on Rightmove won the funniest and most unexpected (and short-lived) property listing of the year

Another entry now in our best of 2023 round-up and there really was only one contender for ‘estate agent listing of the year’.

It’s a listing for a house on the website of the estate agent Rightmove which caught the attention of people beyond those who may be looking for a nice house to buy in the Nottingham area.

This came about after a chap called Ade posted the listing on his Twitter feed, along with some words which were guaranteed to pique readers’ curiosity…

If you click on the listing now, you’ll be confused and disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be anything amiss. It seems that Rightmove were quick to take the offending picture down. But, the internet always keeps receipts. So what was at the bottom of the bed?

Let’s take a look…

Ah ok. NOW it makes sense!

And here are some of the reactions it provoked…







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