Matt Le Tissier spotted a ‘conspiracy’ on the NHS website and scored own goal of the season

What with Joey Barton hogging all the limelight such as it is, with his relentless trolling of women spoiling men’s football, poor chap, it’s taken some of the attention away from other ex footballers who enjoy going viral.

Like Matt Le Tissier, for instance, who once used to regularly hit the back of the net for Southampton but these days specialises in the own goal variety.

And this one was a leading contender for own goal of the season.

Myocarditis, just in case you didn’t know, is heart inflammation and is much more likely to be caused by Covid-19 than it is by the vaccine (which is presumably what Le Tissier was searching about).

Anyway, that’s not why we’re here – this is.

Just in the interests of balance and all that.

In five words, just in case it still hasn’t got through.

And this.

Last word to the man himself.

Source @mattletiss7