Bryan Cranston’s hilarious story about bagging a Mars Bar advert with a lie is a timeless gem

During a 2017 interview with Conan O’Brien, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston recalled an early and less prestigious phase of his career, when he really wanted to get booked for a Mars Bar advert.

It’s one for the ages.

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“‘Oh, yeah, I’ve done it a thousand times,’ which I’ve never even wanted to.”

That sounds like something that could have gone badly wrong, but it didn’t – thankfully.

His story went down rather well – as, it seems, he did down the side of the building.

Actors live by a rule: if asked, you know how to do it. Then call and schedule lessons asap.
Mighty Zekken

Bryan Cranston is a great talk show guest. Dude can spin a story.
William Johnson58813

It’s not what you know, it’s what do you need me to know.

Lived in California my whole life and it blows my mind that some Californians swear we don’t have accents.

Adventure 16 is a great outdoors store. I hope Chad is still out there doing his thing.
Paul Nabil

This is EXACTLY how I do things at the office and job interviews. “Are you good with Excel?” Yes. *Googles lessons and tutorials in Excel immediately*
Kat Williams

you dress for the job you want, not for the job you have

The moral of the story is lie to get ahead.

Just remember there was a running gag in the writing room for Malcolm in the Middle about “What won’t Brian Cranston do”
he. did. everything.


This is the equivalent to studying for a test 5 minutes before class starts and somehow acing it.

Well just like that. They made money. I am craving a mars bar, haven’t had one for a long time. hadn’t even thought about it until now.

You may be curious about the ad, as we were, so here it is. A little bit grainy, but worth seeing the fruit of Bryan’s deception.

He didn’t even need to rappel.


‘Brother in Law hasn’t watched Breaking Bad, had these guys try convince him’ is today’s loveliest thing

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