The seller of this sofa second guessed all the irritating things online buyers would ask and it’s simply magnificent

The joy of selling stuff you don’t need anymore online is making a bit of cash, obviously, and doing your bit for the planet by not taking even more stuff to the tip.

Less welcome, alas, is the high probability you’re going to have to deal with a whole bunch of people trying to get your stuff on the cheap or for free.

Or, at the very least, delivered to their front door without charge.

We only mention this because this particular seller – or rather, the seller’s partner – decided to do something to pre-empt all these annoying, entitled people.

And it went viral on Reddit because it’s really rather fabulous.

‘My naive boyfriend tried selling his couch on FB marketplace and got a bunch of CBs so I offered to make the ad for him,’ wrote Redditor mroctopuswiener.

And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘I see youre in dc, would you be able to ship to melbourne, australia? my kangaroo is really sick and has been begging for a used couch:)’

‘Lmao Boyfriend actually got a request from someone in Ohio. That’s why I put it there.’

‘I can assure you that will stop some but not all stupid replies, most people never read, they look at the title and picture and go from there.’

‘I did this when selling a car cheaply. I just starting posting the questions with my very droll responses.

‘Will you sell me just the doors? Sorry no, no one will want to buy a doorless car.

‘Will you sell just the engine? Sure. Comes with free car to hold it.

‘Will you donate it (insert reasons)? By “donate” do you mean to imply you are a non-profit and will use it to do good in the world?

‘Crazy trades including one offer of a wife in reasonable condition, I told him my husband could barely handle one wife, two would be mayhem.

‘Etc etc.

‘The person who ended up buying it only came out because of the continuously updated Q&A section. We had a good laugh.’

Source Reddit u/mroctopuswiener Image Unsplash