People have been sharing the real-life scandals that TV drama should tackle next and there was only one winner

It was only when ITV broadcast a drama about the Post Office scandal that the government finally got around to doing something about it, as you’ll well know by now.

And we certainly can’t put it any better than Private Eye editor Ian Hislop does here.

And it prompted TV critic and presenter and all-round top telly guru Scott Bryan to ask people on Twitter what other scandals should be depicted in TV dramas.

It prompted no end of fabulous and totally on-point replies.

But there really was only one winner, as suggested by @AndyHa_ and, well, any excuse to watch this again, frankly.

It’s ITV’s Golden Balls from back in 2008, as if you didn’t know. Bring it back now, ITV!

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Source @scottygb @AndyHa_