The (sadly now deleted) Community Note added to this joke made it all the better

It’s pretty much accepted that Twitter/X has gone markedly downhill since Musk got his grubby, far-right paws on it, but there is admittedly at least one improvement that has been introduced.

‘Community Notes’ are a feature which allow users of the platform to flag up a misleading post, adding context or just calling out blatant BS.

Many dodgy politicians and other serial liars regularly find that additional information has been added beneath their posts, often just flat-out contradicting them by using actual facts.

But they can also have a purely entertaining use (at least until they are removed). Anyway. Here’s a post by Bojan Tunguz that made us (and many others) laugh out loud.

It was a great joke which provoked some great comments …





So what was the Community Note which was sadly later removed? Well, here it is…

To sum up …

Great stuff!


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Source Bojan Tunguz Image Bojan Tunguz