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Uncle Roger found the Great British Bake Off Japanese Week clip – and his commentary was hilarious

Comedian Nigel Ng‘s brutally judgemental food critic, Uncle Roger, has torn many a chef to pieces for how they cook Asian dishes – even plain rice.

Here’s how Jamie Oliver‘s fried rice fared under Uncle Roger’s harsh gaze.

@mrnigelng Uncle Roger HATE Jamie Oliver Egg Fried Rice #fy #fyp #foryoupage #nigelng #uncleroger #haiyaa #haiyaaaa #cooking #jamieoliver ♬ original sound – Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)

Back in 2020, the Great British Bake Off featured ‘Japanese Week’, in which the contestants had to make nikuman buns, mille crêpe cake, and cute Kawaii-themed cakes. They only tried that once …and Uncle Roger shows why.

@mrnigelng Uncle Roger Review Great British Bake Off Japanese Week #fyp #foryoupage #cookingfails #nigelng #uncleroger ♬ original sound – Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)

“The Great British Bake Off people seem to think that China, India, Japan – all the same country. Next time, you should just call this Asian Week. So simple.”

TikTok users loved it, even if their minds were blown by the presence of Noel Fielding.

What! No MSG on bun? Ayyy …
Going Postal

This is the crossover I never knew I needed.
Holly Golightly

Well, technically, the katsu curry is breaded, it’s inside the bun.

I hope Lottie saw this. Uncle Roger being on your side is high praise.
Troy Gardner

Careful Uncle Roger… You’re gonna get a visit from old Greg.
Matt Hunlock

As soon as I saw it was British Bake Off, I knew I was gonna cry in pain.

I’m British and I’m appalled by this.

Is that Richmond from IT Crowd? They let him out of the server room.
Tequila Hulk

Nigel Ng’s Uncle Roger commentary continues to be hysterical, especially while watching Japanese Week on the Great British Bake Off!

They only did this on one season, thank goodness.

How the Jamie Oliver comments never fail to make it into every video.

Ok hold up a minute, let’s not just disregard the burger bun, burgers are pretty good in just about any form, I think it could possibly work.

Someone named simply q spoke for us all with this comment.

I hope, Uncle Roger will never see my Fried Rice or any Asian meal I’m cooking.

Amen to that.


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