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There’s a special popcorn bucket for the new Dune movie and it sent everyone’s mind straight into the gutter

Early days we know but the biggest movie of the year is surely going to be the much-anticipated Dune sequel, out in cinemas on 1 March, it says here.

People have already been having fun with the poster for the sci-fi sequel after it was compared – entirely accurately – to a very big Chihuahua chasing very small people.

We mention it again not only because we are very excited about it, but because the movie has spawned some Dune-themed popcorn buckets which took on a life all of their own.

Because … look at them.

And if you think it sent the entire internet’s mind straight into the gutter, you’d be absolutely right.

And he wasn’t alone. Of course he wasn’t!

And also, at the risk of being a little bit niche …

And finally, if you’re not especially into Dune then it’s meant to look like a sandworm, just in case that helps.

Source @davidehrlich