Alan Sugar told BBC Breakfast why it’s bad to work from home and the entire internet replied as one

There’s a new series of BBC1’s The Apprentice which was presumably the reason why Alan Sugar was on BBC Breakfast today.

The Amstrad man took time out from explaining why the show’s format hasn’t been flogged to bits, 20 years in, to have a pop at people who deign to do their job from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s bad, said Suralan. And this is why.

And we can’t help but feel the good people of BBC Breakfast didn’t also have this in mind when they put the clip out.

Because basically the entire internet replied as one, and it was one of the day’s great joys.

And while we can’t say for sure 100% he’s at home – anyone been to Sir Alan’s home? Recognise it? – he was definitely working remotely …

Well played, @BBCBreakfast.

Source @BBCBreakfast