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Jeremy Vine’s not happy with some of the replies he gets on Twitter and went viral, if not for the reasons he’d have been hoping for

Few people in this world enjoy tweeting like Jeremy Vine, the Radio 2 presenter who has made a bit of a thing sharing videos of him on his bike getting into various contretemps with motorists and the like.

But Jeremy is less keen on some of the responses he appears to be getting to tweets, even when they have nothing to do with what happened to him while he cycled to work.

We know this because he went on his Channel 5 show to share with viewers just the sort of thing people say about his posts, and it went viral, if not entirely for the reasons he presumably would have hoped.

The clip was shared by @dank_ackroyd and, well, best have a watch for yourself.

Stop sniggering at the back!

Source @dank_ackroyd