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There I Ruined It has turned Rage Against the Machine’s biggest hit into a 1920s banger

Musician and social media content creator, There I Ruined It, may claim to ruin people’s favourite songs, but the jury is out on whether some of them actually end up sounding better. We couldn’t possibly comment.

If you’ve ever wondered what a heavy metal cover of Taylor Swift‘s Shake It Off might sound like, for example – There I Ruined It has your back.

A recent reworking is the Rage Against the Machine hit Killing in the Name, performed as thought it had been written in 1926 instead of 1992.

It works remarkably well – and, of course, contains NSFW language from the outset.

@thereiruinedit Their early work was so raw and unhinged #rageagainstthemachine ♬ Swingin in the Name – There I Ruined It

The comments were the cherry on the icing on the cake.

Rage Against the (Time) Machine.
Gabe Estrada700

Golly sir, that’s the bee’s knees!!

“Why I oughtta” against the machine.

I need this as a ringtone.

Omg I need to hear some Korn like this.

Unironically a bop. Full version pls.

This hits way harder tbh.

I love the label The Ruinettes.

It’s not really ruined if it’s more appealing.
Major Suave

Rage against the industrial revolution.

So few ppl have heard this original version. Caused quite a controversy back in the day.
John Squwarker

TallPocketsSteph coined the perfect phrase.

“Rag” Against the Machine.

You can find There I Ruined It on Instagram, Reddit and other platforms, which you can check out via his website.


This one-man Killing In The Name by Rage Against the Machine is next level stuff

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