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There was something hilariously off how GB News filmed Rishi Sunak and Will Sebag-Montefiore totally nailed it

You’ll know by now that Rishi Sunak took time out from not eating anything on Monday night to appear before a live studio audience on GB News and it didn’t go entirely as well as he might have hoped.

We mention it again because the oddest thing about it – in an hour not lacking in odd moments – was the way GB News filmed the whole affair.

GB News, of course, hasn’t scored too highly on technical, artistic, or basically any metric on which you choose to judge them.

But even by their chaotic standards, this was … bizarre. And no-one captured it better than actor and comedian Will Sebag-Montefiore over on Twitter.

Nailed it!

And here is just a fraction of the love people had for it.

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Last word to @wsebag.


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