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A furious anti-vaxxer got the needle with Rishi Sunak on GB News – inject these 13 totally on-point responses into our veins

Rishi Sunak turned up on GB News to answer questions from a specially invited studio audience in an attempt to … well, we’re not entirely sure what he was hoping to get out of it, but at least it passed time until he could eat again on Tuesday morning.

And no matter how well he thought it was going to go, it surely went worse. And it didn’t get much worse than this, when he was confronted by not one but two anti-vaxxers, as captured by @Haggis_UK over on Twitter.

Presumably big fans of GB News presenter Neil Oliver, for reasons no-one anywhere will need reminding. And absolutely no stranger to GB News (or its former presenter, Mark Steyn).

And these 13 responses surely said it all.