Life comebacks

The first-class takedown of this bigoted ‘high flyer’ was a proper hall of famer

In the comeback hall of fame this is surely somewhere close to the top, a first-class response to this ‘high flying’ doctor’s tip for meeting (and keeping) women.

It’s from a few months back but has just gone wildly viral again on Reddit for reasons which will become obvious.

First class stuff.

And it prompted lots of responses …

‘These “alpha males” are so f-cking pathetic…seriously…’

‘Fellas is it gay not to pay $20k for round trip flights for 2 people?’

‘Has this ever actually happened? Has someone really lost their SO on a plane to someone in first class? Really? Y’all date assholes.’

‘Ian Fortey’s not wrong, my husband has never flown me first class and its not once bothered me, im sure the majority of women will agree we are glad to get a trip/holiday, at any cost, economy or not! ✈️☀️’

… including this, from the high flyer himself, which we include for balance. And further comedy value.

Only one question remained, obviously.

Source Twitter @Mr_HadiH Reddit u/AyAan2022