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We’ve never been as invested in a ‘domino’ rally as we were in this cereal box run

Lake Murray Elementary School in South Carolina holds an annual drive to collect food to give to struggling locals, which is a wonderful thing.

In 2022, they celebrated by turning 2,777 boxes of cereal they had collected for the programme into an enormous ‘domino’ rally through the school, much to the obvious and infectious excitement of the children.

It recently popped up again on Reddit.

This school really outdone themselves
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The relief we felt that it made it to the end. A gold star to the team who set it up.

Here’s Reddit’s verdict.

I’m genuinely surprised they pulled that off without a kid in the hallway triggering it early by smacking a box.

I must be getting old. My first thought was “That must be 3 grand in cereal”.

This took 2.5 minutes to fall, must’ve been hours to set up.

I wondered if it was ever going to end …then I realized it was a cereal.

Cerealously impressive!!

Actual footage of what my two teenagers eat in a week.

I just love how hyped they are!

It’s the sustained and joyous screaming throughout to speed the boxes on that does it for me.

“Damn, my phone wasn’t recording. Let’s set it up and try again.”

The little girl who started it will be President one day.

The penny dropped for TrinDiesel

No wonder I couldn’t find any effing cereal at the grocery store that week.


This spectacular ‘domino run’ using playing cards is incredibly satisfying

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