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This wedding ceremony objection came from a most unlikely source and it’s just fabulous

Here’s 36 seconds to make your day better, a wedding ceremony where an objection came from a most unlikely member.

Very possibly the more eagle-eyed (let’s face it, you don’t have to be that eagle-eyed) will see it coming. But it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable!

Objection from an unlikely member
byu/MelanatedTukon inUnexpected

Perfect comedy timing.

‘The cow makes a good point.’

‘I love how you can barely hear the officiant but the cow sounds mic-ed up.’

‘Groom: I told you, you’re not invited.’

‘At least the cow kept to the dress code.’

‘Interrupting cow wh….’

‘Timeless comedy.

‘If you showed this to a peasant from a medieval village, they would immediately identify this as a wedding and laugh when the cow interrupted.’

Source u/MelanatedTukon