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Watch the moment this Trump fan’s brain is broken by The Good Liars’ logic

Davram Stiefler of The Good Liars put his experience of picking the killer questions to very good use when he spoke to this Trump superfan.

He wrote –

“Talked to this person who says Obama is telling Biden what to do as president but also that Trump is the current president.”

Let’s take a look.

@thegoodliars Talked to this person who says Obama is telling Biden what to do as president but also that Trump is the current president. #fyp #interview #sign #biden #trump #comedy #northcarolina ♬ original sound – The Good Liars

“Obama said that he would like to run a third term if he could sit in the basement and call the shots, and that’s exactly what he’s doin’.”

“But you just said that it’s Obama’s third term, but also that Trump is President.”

“He’s calling the shots on all this mess that’s going’ on right now and all the disasters that he’s caused.”

“But how is Obama calling the shots if Trump is still President?”

“Why would it matter if Obama was telling Biden what to do if Biden Wasn’t President?

Legend has it she’s still standing there thinking about it. TikTok had a few things to say.

That last remaining brain cell almost exploded there at the end.

“He’s a bumbling fool right now”. He should’ve held up a mirror to her face when she said that
Angie-Joy Savage

I bet she believes a lot of things …

I have never seen someone’s brain break in real time. I hope you got the poor woman medical help after that!

What a wild and scary ride. Truly unhinged stuff here.
Andrea Marchant

I guess common sense really isn’t that common.

My god, these people! So sad that there is enough of them to elect a president.

If he’s president now, then he can’t run for a third term in 2024.

It’s hysterical that they can’t even keep a straight face or a story.

I have zero patience for these people anymore.

She is glitching.

mbeezy192 wondered about her fashion choices.

And she’s wearing her souvenir insurrection sweatshirt.

And Baykusmagus had some advice for anyone sharing the woman’s views.

Trump is for sure still president, so make sure you don’t vote in November. He already won! If you vote it will just complicate things for him.

That’s a top tip right there.


The Good Liars’ Jason Selvig set up this Trump fan and totally owned him in six seconds flat

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