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‘Women always find easier ways to solve problems than men’ (wait for it!)

Why women live longer than men, part 346.

It’s a video of a hula hoop party game that has just gone wildly viral for reasons that will become obvious. Needless to say, watch til the end!

@thegonzalezfamilyy_ Proof that women are smarter than men #fyp #friends #gamenight #friendship #friendsreunion #gamenightideas #gamesathome @Christy Espinosa @Yenligxoxo @sweettreatsbycynthy @Dayansi Hernandez @Ashley Villazon @EBkinis ♬ original sound – Thegonzalezfamily

Just in case that’s tricky to watch, here it is again on Twitter.

A lesson they will surely never forget (and a triumph to remember!).

‘Work smarter not harder ‘
Christy Espinosa

‘I knew the girls were gona get a faster way ‘

‘I kept yelling at my phone “y u raising ur arms dude put the arm down” smh ‍♂️lol’

‘Basically what the last guy did ‘

And here’s what people made of it on Twitter.

Hmmm, well, maybe. Maybe not.


Harry Hill’s tale of how he offended Jamie Oliver was already good but the payoff was magnificent

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