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An American ignored advice about how much English mustard to use – and hilariously suffered the consequences

American TikTok has a big sideline in reviewing British foods – with varying degrees of approval.

This review of Colman’s English Mustard shared by comedy cook Desarae Legros@cooking_comedy_chaos – shows why you should always take the advice of people who’ve tried it before.

@cooking_comedy_chaos British Colman’s Mustard review! I was not expecting it to be THAT SPICY! #british #mustard #review #funny #uk ♬ original sound – C3 – Desarae

We felt that in our tear ducts. This is how Brits on TikTok reacted.

Anyone else from the UK shouting at the screen when we saw how much she put on!!!

Ah Colmans English mustard, part condiment, part chemical warfare.
Mark Lee

Us brits watching you spread that and praying for your soul.

I cringed at the first spoon, gasped when you added more then nearly died laughing when you double it over. I was like noooooo don’t do it.
Gemma Whitehead

When I saw the amount she added to the bread, I stuck around thinking this is gonna get good. I was not disappointed.
Periwinkle Fuzzy Monster

Of course, it turned up on Twitter, where it caused even more hilarity.








Erm …not quite.

Give Desarae a follow. She really is very funny, even when she isn’t inhaling mustard.


Brits are giving an American really bad but funny advice on English mustard

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