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There are one or two slight problems with this savings hack, and the comments make them abundantly clear

One way to work out if you’re on the right track with your finances is to ask yourself ‘Would Martin Lewis approve of this?’

There’s a money-saving tip bouncing around TikTok, which is …well, see for yourself.

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Would that pass the Martin Lewis test? We doubt it – and we suspect these people doubt it too.

FIRST TIP: have £6000 left from miminal wage to save in 3 months.

I will order the book can you please fill it out with some of your spare change?
Re-unite Ind

I hate it when I have £2000 spare change at the end of the month damn it! I need to organise all the paper.

Don’t even earn £6000 in 3 month.

I put my spare change in the car’s ash tray so I have a quid for a trolley or drink on my travels. Been doing that 20 years, I dragged it out the other day and had saved nearly £16.

Thank you for reminding me how poor I am.

If you have 6000 in spare change you probably don’t even have to save.

Do you wanna sell it for 3k?

Spare change in cost of living crisis isn’t a thing.

Spare change goes into the coinstar at Asda.

In 6 months I’ve saved -£500.

Did you save £6000, or did you withdraw £6000 and put it in a folder?

Excuse me, lady, what do u do for a living?

It’s the folding of the spare £50 notes for me.
Gavin Beach

Victoria’s Vintage injected some common sense.

Why withdraw cash just to put it in a little book? Get a savings account and earn some interest.

Fern Grace McLean was just honest.

I can’t even afford the book.


This hack wasn’t all it was cracked up to be – but the comments cleaned up

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