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This hack wasn’t all it was cracked up to be – but the comments cleaned up

Over on TikTok, @that40yearguy carries out a public service. He tests the hacks he spots online, and passes them on to the rest of us to use – or not.

This one falls under ‘not’.

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TikTok users immediately spotted the elephant in the room.

So we use half a roll of parchment paper.

Parchment paper cost way much more than paper towels tho.

Didn’t you just waste the parchment paper?

There were other issues, too.

By the time I found parchment paper and a straight edge the ketchup would dry.

Yh but that way is just long.

That looks so much harder.

I have a hard time thinking that you think that’s a better way to clean ketchup from the counter.

Nice! All you got to do now is wipe it down to be sanitary. With a paper towel.

There was another solution to the problem of using too much kitchen roll.

Just wait till you see how cool a washcloth does it. Rinse it, use it again. It’s freaking magic.

Wet sponge and just rinse afterwards. Done. Nothing wasted but ketchup.

Thats incredible!!! I never thought about a roll of paper towels or expensive parchment paper. I normally use a dish cloth and rinse use again.

Some people had more creative suggestions.

I usually put an upside down mug or a bowl over the top and blame the kids. lol.

I’d just tear up the countertop and start over.
skaut c

Or just wipe it up with 1 paper towel.

Just get some damn fries on that marble countertop.

It wasn’t all bad news for @that40yearguy, though.

Bro draws a heart with ketchup better than I do with a pen and paper.
Busuto TCG


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