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Jeremy Irons’ argument against equal marriage has cropped up again – and it’s a proper hall of famer

Interviews are among the most unpredictable format of news or entertainment.

Just ask the BBC’s Karen Bowerman, who thought she was interviewing music industry expert Guy Kewney, but she was actually speaking to Guy Goma – a man expecting a job interview.

Even if the right person has turned up, it isn’t always plain sailing.

Which is why this was such a great question from NBAVante@thatboiharley.

There were plenty of great answers, so we highly recommend a deep dive into the replies and quotes. Here’s a little taster.

An old Jeremy Irons clip, where he shared his thoughts on the equal marriage debate, was one of the highlights for us. It reminded us of exactly why it went viral.

Just when you think ‘Could a father not marry his son?’ has reached peak insanity, he lobs in the hand grenade of ‘It’s not incest between men …Men don’t breed.’

Here’s how people reacted to the trip down WTF Lane.








We’ve all been there.


People have been sharing the most ‘insane interview moments’ and this knocked the rest into a cocked hat

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