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The note left by this husband for the repairman is truly off the scale and got all the responses it deserved

Imagine turning up for work and finding this.

Specifically, imagine you are a repairman come to fix the fridge only to find the husband of the woman still at home had written this note and stuck it to the door.

‘My husband is a repair technician working on their fridge,’ said GilbertTheCrunch who shared it over on Reddit.

Just in case that’s tricky to read …

And it got all the responses it deserved – and more!

‘He’s probably seen too many lonely housewife meets plumber Johnny Sins videos.’

‘Sounds like the last appliance repair guy is the one who got her pregnant.’

‘There’s at least 100 other ways this could have been written were it didn’t sound like it was written by a lunatic.’

“Please don’t disturb my wife. She’s pregnant and needs to rest. Feel free to leave quietly after your work in the kitchen is done. Thank you.”


‘Right? And if he left a card they could just… throw it in the trash?’

‘Honestly, GREAT! I hate dealing with homeowners looking over my shoulders and asking a thousand ridiculous questions. Sounds like a peaceful afternoon to me.’

‘Maybe the wife is actually batshit crazy and the husband is looking out for the repair man (somebody help me).’

And for those of an especially curious disposition …

‘I’m the repair technician in question. I pride myself on my work and being a people person. This was just a normal reality company call “Well I got to order a filter and a bypass to test, we’ll call you when they’re in. Here’s my card if you need anything.” type situation.

‘I was flabbergasted when I arrived to see this. I even called and talked to Dave before arrival. Seemed to be a nice guy.’

The plot thickens.

‘I’m wondering if the wife actually wrote the note and was just having a bad day and didn’t want to interact with anyone.’

‘Could have been – Dave’

In brief.

‘Omg that is actually insane lmao.’


Turns out we’ve been burning candles wrong all these years and minds are blown (out) everywhere

Source Reddit u/GilbertTheCrunch