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Donald Trump revealing exactly how much he knows about the Bible is an ungodly delight

It remains to be seen how much God would endorse Donald Trump but you can now buy a Trump-endorsed Bible in the ex-President’s latest money-making wheeze – for only $59.99!

It’s just the same as a normal Bible, presumably, but with more naked laydeez! (we don’t know about the second bit, obviously).

Here’s Trump hawking his ‘God Bless The USA’ Bible.

And we’ve rounded up our 16 favourite takedowns over here.

This is our current favourite.

And it also sent this fabulous supercut of Trump talking about the Bible viral because it really does reveal exactly how much Trump knows what’s in it.


And finally …


Donald Trump’s bible advert is a testament to his dedication to the grift – 16 perfect takedowns

Source @RonFilipkowski