Celebrity Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly’s Bafta award sent her magnificent Esther McVey takedown viral again and, well, any excuse

Lorraine Kelly will receive Bafta’s special award at this year’s gongs to celebrate her 40 years in broadcasting, as you might already have seen elsewhere this week.

And her prize got people sharing this wonderful moment from back in the day all over again, and we very much agree with @NiallJames8787 on this one.

No matter if she broadcasts for another 40 years, it’s a moment that will never be bettered.

And just in case you were wondering, this is the actual clip for which Kelly will receive her award.

A most taxing role. And – at the 100% risk of stating the bleedin’ obvious – nothing to do with her Bafta.

Source @NiallJames8787