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Garron Noone gave the best and only description you need of this tiny house in Ireland

We strongly suspect that there’s absolutely nothing that couldn’t be made hilarious by a retelling from Garron Noone – even Mrs Brown’s Boys.

He turned his laser-like comedic attention on this tiny house in Cork, which is on the market for a mere €170,000. See if Garron can sell it to you.

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“The window was probably made by an optician.”

Here’s how people have been reacting.

Belonging …singular.

You get to the sleeping loft by going into the neighbor’s gaff, up their stairs and thru the window in the baby’s room.
Fixer MacGabhann

Imagine staggering home after a few pints and trying to slip into bed.
West End Girl

The fact that I would seriously consider buying that if it was where I live tells me how out of control the market is in Canada.
Seamus O’Roar

“..one of the shorter Harry Potter books…”

In their defense, a robber could take everything in one trip, same way as I bring in the groceries.
Sam Hook

So I take it that the other half of that dining table is on the other side of the wall …

Top tier roasting.

I have watched this video at least 10 times. Each time is funnier than the last.

I’m 4’12. It’s perfect.

If that was in San Francisco, it would be 2.5 million.
Aunt Susan

Best one yet.
Lisa Mcie

I am going to buy it and stick all the cream eggs in there for no one to find.
Gerwyn Steele

Meagan McKenzie wanted more.

Can reviewing properties for sale be a thing now on this channel?? That was deliciously fun.

We’d never want to see Garron’s topic options narrowed. Follow him – he’s delicious.


We regret to inform you that air fryer tea is a thing – but Garron Noone’s hilarious response makes it worthwhile

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