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We regret to inform you that air fryer tea is a thing – but Garron Noone’s hilarious response makes it worthwhile

A couple of weeks ago, Irish musician, comedian and TikTok star Garron Noone stepped up to defend a proper cup of tea after someone invented ‘tea in a can’.

It seems he’s still out there fighting the good fight, because he’s back with a video about another growing tea abomination …people making their cuppa in an air fryer.

Here’s the crime in progress.

@itsmebadmom COME MAKE A CUP OF TEA IN THE AIR FRYER WITH ME the best cup of tea ever! ✅ #fyp #viral #airfryer #itsmebadmom #dirtykitchen ♬ original sound – Itsmebadmom✅

And this is how Garron responded to the phenomenon.

@garron_music #irish #fyp #xyzcba #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Garron Noone

Well, that’s Ireland safe …the rest of us need to source some holy water ASAP.

TikTok showed it some love.

The holy water sent me.

Nothing could have prepared me for that ending.
Alpha Scorch

You need to start calling this series crimes against humaniTEA with how often people are committing tea crimes.

And here I’ve been making tea in the dishwasher when I could’ve been using an air fryer all along! Boy do I feel silly!

Doing the Lord’s work, Garron.

Of course, Twitter/X got wind of it, courtesy of Sorcha Ní Nia.

There was more of the praise it truly deserves.








This sums it all up.


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