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This American trolled Europeans with their ‘haute cuisine’ and Ryanair’s A++ response was lip-smackingly good

Time now to return to the cultural chasm that yawns ever wider between the United States and Europe (and pretty much the rest of the world, let’s face it).

This time it’s the turn of someone called @TheGoblinnn – a ‘professional degenerate and YouTube guy’ from Los Angeles who shared this image of whatever the hell this is and suggested it was beyond the comprehension of the poor old European mind.

Now we’re guessing he wasn’t being entirely serious – getting increasingly tricky to tell, for obvious reasons – but it prompted no end of winning comebacks from our fellow Europeans.

But no-one said it better than the good people of Ryanair.

Proper first class, that.


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Source @Ryanair Image Unsplash Lucas Davies