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There’s not much more infuriating than people like this ‘not picky’ person

When it’s time to choose fast food or an activity for the night, the last thing you need is someone like u/iaimtomisbehave151‘s friend in the mix.

Want to get something to eat?
I'm bored and need to do something

I'm cool with that.
Where at?

I'm not picky
Wanna try the new taco place?

Tacos aren't the vibe right now

Wanna just go to unos then?

Not feeling them

I'm out of ideas then. You pick

You're the picky one
Just pick I'm fine with whatever

They added “Apparently, I’m the picky one (this went on longer than I cared to share).” so we can imagine how frustrating that became.

Reddit users empathised – with the poster, not their fussy mate.

I know people like this exist and they’re even in my family but it’s still unfathomable to me. Then they even pout and give you the silent treatment because you couldn’t read their mind and guess where they wanted to eat.

Tacos are always “a vibe”… This is absurd.

I want to date them just so I can dump them for rejecting the tacos.

This is so easy to fix.

“I’m getting some tacos. Do you to come?”

Either way, you’re getting tacos.

A relatable struggle for sure! A lot easier to recognize that a proposed option doesn’t sound satisfying than to propose one that does.

I’m pretty sure this person thinks the definition of “picky” is to pick the place. That can be the only explanation…

“Ive picked twice. Pick something else, agree to one of those, or go fuck yourself.”

“I’m not picky!”



“Don’t like”

“YOuRe pICky!”

This seriously would drive me nuts. I hate people who are indecisive then act like you’re the problem.

I don’t know that person and I already never want to talk to them again.

5-3-1 rule

Person A gives 5 options, Person B chooses 3 from that, Person A picks the final place from the 3. If Person A picks 5 and Person B has any complaints, they have to provide the 5 options then

Sounds like a convo I have with my wife every weekend. She wants me to pick a place, and she turns down nearly every single one of them.

My husband does this shit. Just tell me we’re getting Cheesecake Factory for the thousandth time and cut out the middle man.

Sounds like the only thing they wanna pick is a fight! Lol.

After all the toing and froing, this was how the night ended …

That’s when you get what you want and let them fend for themselves.

They decided not to hang out and I went to the taco place, lol.

A satisfactory conclusion.


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