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This MAGArific ‘construction’ worker had the hottest of hot takes on Trump’s failure to pay bills

Just when you thought you’d heard the MAGA faithful say the dumbest thing possible, along comes this alleged construction worker with the hottest of hot takes, which he shared with the Good LiarsDavram Stiefler.

Try not to facepalm yourself too hard.

@thegoodliars This construction worker says the construction workers Trump didnt pay “deserved it” #interview #fyp #newhampshire #rally #hm ♬ original sound – The Good Liars

Workers of the world unite – unless you’re trying to defend Donald Trump‘s well-documented default on payments to, well …everyone.

What’s the opposite of class consciousness?
Please Be Nice To Me

Their minds are broken.
Mildly Ornery Meatsuit

He would take the word of some spoiled richkid ahole known to stiff his contractors over people who have worked decades on their craft. Sick people.
Souixsie Souix

I wonder how this guy would like to not be paid for his work? Would he deserve to not be paid?
Miss Liz

Once an idiot always an idiot.

A real union man.
Jason David Harris

He even gave the guy a second to either redeem himself or clarify his way of thinking and he stuck to his story. Crazy.
Jacqueline Vaughn628

This is what solidarity looks like on Earth.
Isis Mothergoddess

Omg …what a clueless person.

It’s crazy to say that with a straight face.

Next question, “do you pay the people who give you services?”

Aedan366 gets absolutely no arguments from us.

America we have a very very serious problem.

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Watch the moment this Trump fan’s brain is broken by The Good Liars’ logic

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