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This little girl’s top tip for a stress-free life is short and sweet

You may remember the interview that Julian Shapiro-Barnum – also known as @recesstherapy – carried out with a young boy who loved corn. I mean, he really loved corn.

@recesstherapy Just a reminder to eat your vegetables LOL #corn #itscorn #recesstherapy ♬ original sound – Recess Therapy

Julian’s social media channels are packed with similarly fascinating interviews with American children, who are always happy to give their unique perspectives on life.

This little girl didn’t say much – but she made it count.

@recesstherapy Hope you have a stress free day #recesstherapy #stress #kids ♬ original sound – Recess Therapy

Absolutely brutal. Here’s what TikTok users thought of her unexpected answer.

Oldest sibling vibes.

She’s so real for that though.

She did not stutter.

She definitely cracked the code.

She was like me when I was a kid. Guess what. Still no kid. Hahaha. That girl is going places.

My child told me today she wasn’t having kids because she doesn’t want to rush them to school in the mornings.

I mean. She’s not wrong.

AMEN! That’s why I don’t have them. Thanks for the confirmation Princess.
Moxie TK

They’re learning early.

A wise answer. But unfortunately, beautiful child, I have none of these “kids” and I am still QUITE stressed.

The laughing in the background!

Dallas Bae summed it up.

Out of the mouth of babes.


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