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This American wellness writer’s guide to dating raised eyebrows everywhere but this response blew the rest out the water

It’s been a while since we’ve been on a first date and back then there were a lot fewer places to find one (and a whole heap less advice on how to do it).

Dating advice like this, for instance, from someone called @LeArielleSimone who is a ‘Holistic Nutritionist. Wellness Writer. Traveler’ and part-time teacher of ‘how to eat for energy’. Use your mouth, presumably.

Anyway, here’s what she had to say for anyone limbering up for the dating game.

What, all of it?

And it went wildly viral – 5 million views the last time we looked – raising plant of responses like all of these.

But this one surely flexed hardest.

Nailed it!

Except not everyone was buying it.

Just in case you need a reminder …


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