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A man’s jokey tweet about his new favourite pub went wildly viral and the fury was unconstrained

It’s not unusual for people to get angry on Twitter, obviously, as anyone who’s even dipped a toe into its occasionally feral waters will attest.

But we’ve never seen people’s mood turn quite so tart so quickly as this, when @hifromkyle posted a picture of his ‘new local’.

Now we don’t know for sure but we have a strong suspicion it’s the Lower Red Lion in St Albans and yes, it’s true, dogs are welcome but kids aren’t.

Fortunately for people with kids (or without dogs) there are plenty of alternatives around (legend has it St Albans – home of CAMRA – once had a pub for each day of the year, but not any more, alas).

But we mention it because of the fury – the absolute fury – it prompted in some quarters.

We’re with this person.

And this person.

And indeed this person.

And this person!

But if you’re in the mood for taking a swing back in the other direction, there was also this.

Not quite so sure about this person, but just for balance and all that.

And finally (we promise).

Source @hifromkyle