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People are sharing the weird things their partner does that they’ve learned to love – 21 proper eye-openers

Every relationship involves a little – and occasionally a lot – of give and take, and stuff that might seem weird to other people is totally normal to you (or your partner).

We mention this after VelvetSophieCream had a question of people over on Reddit.

‘What’s the weirdest thing your partner does that you’ve just accepted?’

And the weirdness came rolling in. So much so that we almost felt normal (almost). These opened our eyes the widest.


‘She sleeps with her eyes open occasionally, and will also sometimes laugh like someone just told her the greatest joke ever told while sleeping. I’ve accepted my little demon.’


‘My wife is a neat freak, always cleans up after herself and is putting things away. However I noticed that when she runs out of toilet paper she will just take the new roll and stand it on top of the empty tube instead of replacing it.

‘I asked her why she does that and she said “it’s the one thing I allow myself to be lazy about”. I think it’s hilarious.’


‘Anything that could go or fit on top of anything else is called a “hat.”

There are no lids, there are no covers, there are no toppers or caps. We have a top-loader freezer. She wouldn’t say “close the lid.” She’d say “put the freezer hat back on.” Bottlecaps? No. Bottle hats. Does the pot of boiling water have a lid? Nope. It has a hat. Wine bottle stopper? Try again. That’s a hat. Trash bin cover? Trash bin hat.

‘There are hats and only hats.’


‘My wife microwaves lettuce. Like when she eats a salad at home, she “warms up” the lettuce.

‘Imagine if you cut off one of your feet and left it to rot for about a week. That’s what hot lettuce smells like.’


‘She does gatherer things. bringing little trinkets home and presenting them to me. I always say very impressive! she puts little piles of things all over the house and gets upset if they are disturbed or I suggest getting rid of them.’


‘She mostly closes doors, but only mostly. Not fully ajar, not fully closed. I have never seen this wonderful woman completely close a door in 13+ years.

‘Luckily, it’s just inside doors.’


‘He gets very concerned about his socks to the point he will count them when he’s folding laundry and get irritated when he can’t find all of them. Then he accused me of doing something with them. Like I would do anything with his stupid socks.’


‘When he wakes up in the morning, he puts on ALL his clothes, just to walk to the bathroom, take them off and have shower. Why?? I will never understand that lol.’


‘He lays on the floor to decompress, which isn’t too bizarre. But he lays down in weird spots and occasionally accidentally scares the shit out of me.

‘One time, he was lying on the floor in the front entrance closet, petting the cat, and fell asleep. I just saw his legs on the ground sticking out from the closet. My first thought was that he had fallen, hurt himself, and was unconscious. But he was just snuggling the cat.’


‘When he’s alone, he talks to himself in 3rd person, making comments on the things he’s doing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, xxxx has done it again, he’s made the best omelet in history.. for the 3rd time this month. He’s the man of the year. Look at him getting a glass, and opening the fridge.. oooh is he going for orange juice? yes he is! okay now he needs to do something but what was it? ah righttt the toast. The toast, everybody. He almost forgot the toast.”

‘Stuff like that. I’m glad he does it loudly, it’s hilarious. Especially when he gets tired and stops mid-sentence but keeps doing what he’s doing in silence. Even funnier when he starts speaking again all of a sudden.’


‘Spends over an hour on the toilet. I’ve grown to understand it’s a form of meditation and much-needed alone time.’