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People are sharing the weird things their partner does that they’ve learned to love – 21 proper eye-openers


‘He needs the GPS even though he knows the area and the way. If the GPS goes out, he’ll oddly panic.

‘He’s always hot no matter what. He’s a nice furnace but I’m always freezing cold and needing a million layers. He’s gone to the doctor and they said he’s in perfect health and everything is working efficiently.’


‘He does this loud chicken noise (like a baw-kak!) just randomly and it could be anywhere. It’s never been inappropriate, but it’s always surprising and I laugh every freaking time.’


‘Often makes noises to ‘narrate’ my life lol. Like making squishing noises when I use my beauty blender.’


‘He cannot be barefoot, he will only do that when we are intimate or he is taking a shower or bath.’


‘Eats minced garlic out of the jar with a fork. I’m just glad he’s not a vampire.’


‘My husband occasionally talks in his sleep and will also laugh like a little girl in his sleep. It absolutely cracks me up and creeps me out at the same time.’


‘He does sock shoe sock shoe like a psycho.’


‘She usually dresses normal but sometimes she goes through phases where she dresses like people from different eras. Like a 70s disco phase outfit or a 80s rock chick outfit or a 1950s dress outfit.

‘It’s one thing to do this for a day or something… she will do it for like 3-4 weeks straight, ordering clothes on amazon to make new outfits, wearing the outfits to go grocery shopping or walking the dog etc. And then she rinses and repeats every once in a while. She also will obsessively watch movies from that era when this happens.

‘She has been doing this for 20+ years. She is known in our neighborhood for doing this.’


‘He always finds random objects around the house to make into a “hat” for me.

‘Fresh laundry? Hat

‘Random plushies? Hat

‘Bubble wrap? Hat

‘Then he makes one for himself, we take a funny picture and hang it on our “hat photos” wall.’


‘My wife says no to almost everything I ask her to do. If I ask her to bring me toilet paper because I’m out, she will say no but then proceed to bring it to me. It’s her way of practicing being able to say no.’


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