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Ryan Gosling’s reaction to this tea towel with his face(s) on it is one minute to make your day better

Here’s a rather lovely minute or so, an interview from back in the day with Ryan Gosling in which the actor was presented (confronted, you might say) with a tea towel with his face on it. Three faces, in fact.

It’s just gone viral again on Reddit for reasons which will become apparent.

Ryan Gosling’s Face Towel
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Can we get enough of Ryan Gosling? No we can’t. And neither can these people.

“It’s like looking at the sun” lol.’

‘I love the interviewer.’

‘Yeah, she’s hilarious. I lost it when she said, “You can have it, it’s fine… ‘cuz I bought TWO!” Fucking killed me.’

‘He can’t look at it, yet he also can’t stop looking at it ‘

And of course because we’re talking Gosling – and, let’s face it, this is probably what sent the old clip viral – it would be remiss not to return to this from a day or two back.


am i crazy or is that beavis and butt-head

♬ original sound – Saturday Night Live – SNL

Never change, Gosling!

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