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Gordon Ramsay’s ‘ultimate grilled cheese’ got a thorough panning from Uncle Roger

It’s a bold move to criticise anything Gordon Ramsay does in the kitchen, but if there’s one thing Nigel Ng‘s comedy character Uncle Roger doesn’t lack, it’s confidence.

Nigel recently shared his opinion of Gordon’s take on grilled cheese, and he wasn’t impressed. He wasn’t impressed at all.

@mrnigelng He put WHAT in #grilledcheese ⁉️ Uncle Roger is as hard on #gordonramsay as the #cheese ♬ original sound – Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)

“Fireplace only for keeping warm and burning evidence.”

By ‘evidence’, we presume he means all his signed Jamie Oliver books.

TikTok users were with Uncle Roger on this one …mostly.

The kimchi isn’t the problem. The cold hard cheese is the problem.

You know something’s wrong when you hear WALAO.

“This grilled cheese not emotions.” Gotta be my favorite comment.
Harrison Finley

It takes so much skill to burn the bread, but keep the cheese at room temperature.

Gordon’s my fave but Uncle Roger is correct.

I’m an American and have never had a grilled cheese but I know that’s not how you make it.

1. Kimchi Grilled Cheese is da bomb.
2. That cheese was so far from melting it hurt my head.


Why does Gordon always have to make everything so complicated?
Sooka Fatwan

The Jamie Oliver roasts will always be top tier.

Gordon has cooked some incredible things before but, a grilled cheese is not 1 of them lol. Sorry Gordon.

Sumit summed it up.

Uncle Roger doesn’t even need any fire to roast.

Perhaps Uncle Roger would prefer this …

@gordonramsayofficial A little Sunday Funday at the track making a Grilled Cheese that actually melts….with a grill like no other….right @Aston Martin ?? #TikTokCooks ♬ The Business – Tiësto

Probably not.


Gordon Ramsay’s ramen didn’t exactly get a five-star review from Uncle Roger

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