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Gordon Ramsay’s ramen didn’t exactly get a five-star review from Uncle Roger

It’s a rare honour for a chef to get the thumbs up from Nigel Ng‘s critical comedy character, Uncle Roger, for their attempts at Asian recipes. Gordon Ramsay, however, not only managed to impress Roger with his egg fried rice, but he did it so thoroughly that he was awarded the title of ‘Uncle’.

Check out how he did it.

@mrnigelng Uncle Roger Review GORDON RAMSAY Fried Rice #foryoupage #fyp #uncleroger #nigelng #nigelngcomedy #cooking #haiyaa #gordonramsay #eggfriedrice ♬ original sound – Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)

The pair have met and got along very well, but that didn’t mean Roger pulled his punches in this ramen demonstration.

@mrnigelng Uncle Roger Review GORDON RAMSAY Ramen #foryoupage #fyp #uncleroger #nigelng #gordonramsay ♬ original sound – Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)

Roger may have been appalled, but TikTok users were very entertained. These comments captured the mood.

You’re the only one that I like that can criticize a Michelin Star chef.
Vano on the go

We are disappointed with Uncle Gordon.
djqu and neela the dobie

Uncle Roger couldn’t bear to watch Gordon’s ramen skills, but still kudos to him for attempting it!

After watching this, I’ll never be able to look at ramen the same way again.

Take his Uncle card.
Perfect Stranger

The way I gasped when he put the (wrong) noodles in the water.
Gojos third leg

Poor Uncle Roger, I feel your pain.

Ramsey does make a decent beef Wellington. That counts for something I guess.

Uncle Roger its okay, it’s veggie food not regular food.

I couldn’t keep watching after I saw the cauliflower lol.

LaLa took it as a personal win.

Never thought I could cook something better than Gordon Ramsay, but here we are.


Uncle Roger had a spicy take on Jamie Oliver’s attempt at a Thai green curry

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