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These football fans cheering on a Peloton rider is today’s funniest thing

You don’t have to like football – or own a Peloton – to enjoy this.

It’s West Ham fans cheering on this Peloton rider quite some way up a block of flats and it’s just brilliant.

@_ollie.a At least we had something to cheer about #westham #whu #peleton #peletonbike ♬ original sound – Ollie Adams

It found a whole new audience after it was shared by @BeardedBenius on Twitter.

It certainly cheered up those fans who had a not entirely agreeable result against Bayern Munich.
And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Peloton should use this as an ad to help their crumbling share price.’

‘And he doesn’t know hahah.’
Stuart Heather

‘Imagine looking out the window to see tons of people cheering you doing that ‘
Luke Robinson

‘I hope the guy on the Peleton bike sees this!! ‘
Sharon Walsh

‘This was brilliant last night, cheered me right up ‘


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Source @_ollie.a