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Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be – 21 random things that make people feel old

We’re not saying we’ve been feeling our age recently (*coughs and pulls a muscle*), but we have been wondering what the signs of getting – well – old might be.

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What’s something random that makes you feel old?

Here are some of the all-too-relatable responses.


Having to fill the coal scuttle from the coal bunker outside the kitchen window each morning. This was so mum could light the boiler.
It was in the early 70’s, doesn’t seem that long ago.

Paul Fantham


First job - having to put ashtrays in the smoking section of McDonald's
Paul Stewart
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Always travelling in the boot of the car with the dog, not strapped in, just rolling around. Seems unbelievable now.
Nick Couzens


That we didn’t even have a TV until I was 9 and for the first few years it was in black and white.
Robert Upshall


When we used to rewind cassettes with biros.
Jo Hewlett


When asked for my year of birth online, and having to scroll down such a long way, I need a nap around 1980.
Sarah Robertson


Listening to Radio 1 on Sunday evening, the DJs were 
talking about listening to 'old songs'... from the 90s
Karen Carey
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Remembering being evacuated during ww2 with my school.
Zena Phillips


I remember manual chokes on cars.
Paul Smith


Remembering the first computer I ever saw filled an entire room.
Lysbeth Spence


Toys in cereal boxes.
Paul McGrath


On a quiz programme recently, out of 100 people, only 40 knew who John F Kennedy was.
Clare Kelso


Remembering when I got excited about a brand new game…. Pong!
Nicky Quenby


Being able to remember when “the remote” was me getting told to change the channel.
John Matthewman


I remember outdoor toilets that when you had to go out in winter you told your family I may be a while.
Tahir Mahmood


When sweets were on ration.
Phyllis Brookes


Remembering when people responded to “Thank you” with “You’re welcome” instead of “No problem.”
Ellen D. Murphy


Remember being asked if you wanted smoking or non-smoking as you checked in for your flight.
Claire Herbert


I remember a bag of crisps costing two and a half pence
Neil Dowling
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When I said to my daughter how many miles to the gallon does your car do.?
She said, that means nothing to me. Don’t you mean litres.

Marilyn Cole


Realising that tishirts feel better tucked in.
Mark Williams

BONUS – For us, it’s not being able to stand birthday cards or a clock on top of the skinny TVs we all have these days.


Seeing these kids using a landline for the first time is making us feel old

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