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Every detail of this ‘Seagull Boy wins European screeching competition’ is simply magnificent

If you’re not already familiar with the work of 9-year-old Cooper from Chesterfield then you are in for a treat. And even if you are, then you will surely want to relive the whole thing again.

Because Cooper is Seagull Boy who does an uncanny impression of a seagull. So uncanny, in fact, that he just won a European screeching competition in Belgium.

And when @anitathetweeter says this, she is really not exaggerating.

Here’s just a little bit from the BBC News story.

‘A nine-year-old British boy has won a European championship with his uncanny impression of a seagull.

‘Cooper, from Chesterfield in Derbyshire, travelled to the Belgian coastal town of De Panne to compete in the EC Gull Screeching competition.

‘He originally started doing seagull impressions after being nipped by one while he was eating a tuna sandwich.

‘He wanted to become “Seagull Boy”, like when Peter Parker became Spider-Man after being bitten by a spider.

‘Cooper’s mum, Lauren, said it was initially annoying when he started doing seagull impressions, but then they realised he was really good at it.

“People would start to turn around and look for the seagull,” she said.

‘The family heard about the competition from a random man who overheard Cooper doing impressions at a soft-play centre and suggested Cooper could compete.

‘He scored 92 points out of a possible 100, which meant he won the juvenile category and also had the highest points score in the competition.

‘The other categories were for adults and also for “colonies”, meaning a group of people doing seagull impressions.

‘Cooper took his lucky mascot with him – a small model seagull which he calls Stephen and spells with a “ph”, but his parents call Steven Seagull, like the actor Steven Seagal.’

And here he is on BBC Breakfast today!

He’ll fly high, that lad.

Source BBC News @scottygb @antitathetweeter