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Susanna Reid’s takedown of the Mail columnist who told people with mental health issues to ‘get a grip’ had everyone cheering

To the studios of ITV’s Good Morning Britain – and not for the first time today – where Andrew Pierce was displaying all the warmth and compassion you’d expect from a columnist from the Daily Mail.

Pierce was discussing people with mental health and anxiety issues as part of Rishi Sunak’s plan to strip GPs of their power to sign people off work as part of a plan to tackle what the PM calls the UK’s “sick note culture”.

The Mail man’s three-word advice for these people: ‘Get a grip.’

And Reid’s no-nonsense but unfailingly polite response had everyone cheering.

If Pierce needs any more convincing (he does) perhaps he could read this.

And here’s what people made of the exchange on Twitter.

We’ve never met Andrew Pierce so we’ll have to take Susanna Reid’s word that he’s a compassionate person. That exchange didn’t exactly make that easy though.


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