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Richard Madeley talked about supermarket shoplifting and we can’t stop watching Susanna Reid’s face

Such is the state of the nation right now with soaring food prices, supermarket shoplifting has hit new highs to no-one’s surprise anywhere.

And we mention it because it was a topic of discussion on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, where co-presenter Richard Madeley was moved to talk about it.

And while we have no idea what she was thinking, obviously, we can’t stop watching the expression on Susanna Reid’s face.

It’s at this point we should paint out that while Madeley was arrested in 1994 for failing to pay for items on two occasions, including for a bottle of champagne, at a Tesco supermarket in Walkden, Greater Manchester, a jury later found him not guilty of the offence.

Probably just someone saying something funny in her ear, right?

Source @SaulStaniforth