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The mounting fury of this woman demanding someone give them their Insta name is a fabulously entertaining jaw-dropper

It’s never happened to us – not much does – but we imagine it could be mildly frustrating if you join a new social media platform or something and someone else has already taken your name.

But we’re not sure this is the way to go about it, an American woman (and influencer, naturally) who’s getting wed, apparently, only to find out someone already had their (married) name on Instagram.

It went viral over on Reddit after it was posted by StringSilly2839 and was subsequently shared on Twitter and it’s quite the read.

And that exchange in full.




Mega oof.

To conclude …

We hope the nuptials went well and wish them all the best, whatever they are able to call themselves on Instagram.

Source Twitter @bentleyliz2 Reddit u/StringSilly2839