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This church’s viral trust fall ad might just be the funniest thing you see today – and the oddest

A New Mexico church has gone viral for its tongue-in-cheek advert on Twitter, which (ironically) has to be seen to be believed.

@momentumchurch Always trust in God #christiantiktok #trustfallchallenge ♬ original sound – Momentum Church

With more than five million views and over 600,000 likes, the ad is certainly getting Momentum Church‘s name out there, but mostly because of concern about the poor trust-fall victim in the background.

Here are a few of the 3,000+ comments people have been leaving on the post.

Daaaamn that sounded like it hurt.
rafael felix

Hit the ground so hard my dog went around looking for his toy.
Carlos Manzano

The squeak!

Dead! But alive in Christ!!
Momentum Church

Popular TikTokker The Speech Prof was so gripped by it, he did more than comment – he stitched.


In case anyone was worried, the head pastor in the comments swears she was completely fine.

♬ original sound – The Speech Prof

His commenters were concerned, too – and amused. These seven reactions captured the mood.


The sound was Jesus trying to stifle a chuckle standing idly in the background.


I screamed watching her fall! She knew it was gonna happen and she was still not prepared.
Bina J


I laughed when she literally BOUNCED off the ground.


The irony! No one and nothing caught her! WTH!
Charleys blog of life


I thought it was a funny tiktok when I saw it, I didn’t know it was an actual church.
Anita Morgan


Have had a nightmare week and I just can’t thank you enough. I’m laughing as I’m typing this. Thank you sir.


I’ve watched this 374 times. This is amazing.
Mme. Sharknado-Potato

In case you were worried about “Squeaky Girl”, here’s a different angle.

@momentumchurch What everyone has been waiting for #bts #trustfallchallenge #concussion ♬ original sound – Momentum Church

Trust in pillows.


Church Advertising Display Of The Week

Source Momentum Church H/T @speechprof Image Screengrab