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Surely the most impressive thing you’ll see not just in 10-pin bowling (a low bar) but any sport

We’ve probably watched the Big Lebowksi more than we’ve actually been 10-pin bowling, so we’re not exactly experts at the game.

But you don’t have to be a pro to recognise the next-level skill that is going on here, surely the most impressive thing you’ll see not just in 10-pin bowling but in any sport.

And when we say wait for it, we really mean it.

That one move that you see in the movies.
byu/GenjiKing innextfuckinglevel

WTF did we just watch? Still only a spare though.

‘Sometimes we spend a couple hundred hours learning a terribly useless skill that will have only 1 constructive impact in our entire lives. Men generally learn this skill knowing that one day it’s going to maybe make a girl smile. That’s really the whole point.

‘He achieved his purpose today ladies.’

“OVER THE LINE!! Mark it foul, Dude!”

‘The most impressive part is being able to leave that one particular pin standing on the first throw.’

‘He spared the last for best.’

‘I expected it to be anticlimactic and just bounce off of the pin guard.’

‘My pants just came off.’

‘Used to work in a bowling alley and we all hated these ppl.’

‘Attention fellow employees, someone is trying to have fun again!’

Source @GenjiKing