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A Ryanair passenger trolled them for their lack of legroom and the airline’s comeback was simply business class

You don’t have to fly Ryanair to enjoy their Twitter account, which is something of a past master at slapping down people brave enough to troll them on social media.

There was the time when this passenger weeted her displeasure after finding out what she thought was a window seat didn’t have a window. And it was returned by @Ryanair with interest.

And when the same thing happened to @ameliaxasavin on their return flight, they did this.

And Ryanair’s response …

We mention it again because the budget airline has just gone and done it again after @LordMakenzi was brave – foolhardy? – enough to tweet about his legroom (or lack of it) on a RyanAir flight.

And RyanAir’s response took it to whole new heights.


And if you like it particularly straight talking …

Last word to @LordMakenzi.

But it’s fair to say not everyone (anyone) was buying it …


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